Pie Makers and Sellers Needed

All the berries our berry pickers have been picking need to be made into all those yummy pie slices. We need pie makers on Friday afternoon, August 4 from 12 to 3. We need folks to sell pies on Saturday at the Joyce Daze event. Send  an email to joinus@joycedaze.org.

The money we raise goes to a scholarship fund for Crescent School graduating seniors.

Grand Pioneers

Every year we choose a local people to be the Grand Pioneers of the parade. We find someone that has lived in this area a long time. It is always some one well known and respected in the community. Last year it was Shirley Jean Coker and her daughter Penny. Who will it be this year? Come and see.

grand Marshalls 2015

About those little berries

Our wild blackberries are also called Pacific blackberry, dewberry, or Douglas berry. The scientific name is Rubus ursinus. It is the only native blackberry in the Pacific Northwest. It grows as a wide, spreading shrub with thorny branches which tangle as they lengthen to form a prickly carpet of vines. Pacific blackberries thrive in a wide range of conditions including in places with seasonal flooding but dry summers, in poor soil or good soil, as undergrowth in shady woodlands, or out in the open in full sun. The white flowers help distinguished it from other blackberries because of their narrow petals. The small edible fruits are dark purple to black and up to 2 centimeters in length. The berries are more delicate, tender, and sweet. The small seeds are less apt to stick in your teeth. Many claim that its small black berries are the tastiest blackberries.  James Beard once declared the Pacific blackberry “the uncrowned king of all wild berries.”

Rubus ursinus- wild Pacific Blackberry
pickers 1
Berry Picking Fun
So far we have more than 500 pounds.
Turning the berries into the filling.





Buttons are here!

The buttons for the Joyce Daze Raffle are finished. On Friday, June 3, 2016 starting at 10 a.m., they will be on sale at Swain’s General Store in Port Angeles. The cost is only $1. Proceeds go to scholarships for students graduating from Crescent High School and other local causes.

button 16

2016 T-Shirts are available

Update-T-shirts will be available at The Blackberry Cafe starting May 30.

The shirts will be for sale soon at a location in Joyce. They come in two shades of blue. They will cost $15 each. In the picture, they are being modeled by members of the Joyce Daze organizing committee.

shirts 16 2